We were best friends for 7 months before we started dating. And when I say best friends, I mean absolutely inseparable. We were so close with absolutely no strings attached and we swore we'd never have feelings for each other. Then all of a sudden we started liking each other more than we should. He treated me like absolute **** for the last month and a half of our relationship and he knew it too. Then we decided we should just go back to being friends. It took him all of a DAY to be completely fine with our break up, but it's been two weeks and I'm still hurting. We see each other six days a week because we work together, so I can't avoid him. Almost everything I say or do irritates him now, it has never been like this and I have done nothing wrong. He's even told me I've done nothing wrong. All of our friends (we share best friends because we're in the same friend group) agree with me that I shouldn't be upset about this (yet I am) and he shouldn't treat me the way he still does and I just don't know what to do. I want our friendship back so bad it hurts.

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