I think I have lost something in you, why, when we had so much closeness, things in common, and fun, why was it so easy for you to discard me?
I can't stop thinking it was something about me-maybe I said or did something that bothered you so much, you couldn't even be bothered with telling me what it was.
But, no, it's you. You only selected me because you could tell that I would be receptive to you. You selected me because I let you. And I let myself start to believe you, that you wanted me. But you don't. You de-selected me because you never get too close to anyone. You de-selected me because I meant nothing to you, just another option in a line of options. Not a woman, not a person with all the things I offer.
You de-selected me because it was easier for you.
So, why do I still hear your laugh, your voice. Why do I dream dreams about you? Why do I smile to myself when I think back on the many memories of you - even though I only knew you a few months?
It's because my heart is true, I love, and you don't. You don't allow for it. You call it romance, but it's such a tiny little lie. It's like choosing to eat week old pizza from the fridge instead of a five course feast in a mansion.
But that is you, I will never understand what, and why you choose something destructive over something good for you. But, that's your choice.
Even though my heart is sore, I will recover. In a few months it will be a memory that I think of every now and then. In a year I won't remember your name. Life goes on.

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