I am married and have wife who is 15 years older to me.she is my second wife and I have a kid from.my first wife.My parents and siblings family is attached to my first wife . My wife feel so much against and feel so much jealous of my ex wife , that she gets mad and fights even if I talks to my mother or my kid.
She has asked me to pledge never to meet anyone else she will leave me and starts blackmailing me that if I will do so , she will talk to and flirt with other guys and also . She abuses my mother and others all. I couldn't say anything as I love her.also my family including my mother don't calls me so that our marriage life remain peaceful. I meet my mother and my kid and ex without telling my wife but if she ever comes to know that I have met them , she gets total mad .
I love my wife but same time feel duty towards my mother and my kid.

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