I am worried that my clitoris was damaged during my childhood. I was playing, and got a metal pole struck right between my legs. It was a horrific pain and I felt the pain over a couple of days. I bled, but I am not sure if it was from the clit itself or my vagina, but I didn't start my period before a couple of years later... I was in discomfort.

Looking back, I think this might be the problem why I struggle reaching orgasm. I have not, in memory, managed to get an orgasm by myself or from others. It feels good during sex and masturbation, but I think I would have known if I was orgasming.

This makes me extremely sad... I want to experience one, but I am afraid perhaps my nerves are too damaged or any of that which would make it hard for me to come.

Any ideas/ suggestions/ advice?

-18 yr old