I just feel like everytime I get naked in front of a girl like if it's light in the room that's basically the end of the relationship like I had a really nice girlfriend and she was into me until after we had sex then everything went downhill I haven't always been told like not good in bed cuz that time I obviously wasn't cuz I couldn't come the second time like somehow she tells me I got her pregnant cuz I have lost the condom if we both don't know where it went it is just gone this happen to me years before 2 but my girlfriend didn't get pregnant luckily I'm like I lose my condom every time I don't know why is it the shape of my penis I wear the mag xl most of the time. Can anyone recommend one that stays on always I don't know if other people have this problem I don't know why it happens it's like a mystery because sometimes it disappear is like vanishes inside the girl. But my problem right now is actually but I don't have bottom teeth and I know the second we start making out she's going to notice and be put off by that and it's just something I can't get past in my head does anyone has any advice I mean I still got to call this girl and get her over here if she wants to and I could tell she wanted to hang out it's been like five yearssince I even had sex so I know when I do it's going to be acting amazzzzzzzing.Especially since this girl seems exactly my type I just wish I had my bottom teeth already . That's the least sexy thing I think but what do you girls think

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