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    A friend is someone who loves me no matter what, would do anything for me, will always be there for me. Someone I can count on no matter what. Someone who would never judge me. A person that laughs with me, not at me. A person who genuinely cares about me and would stand up for me. A person who would never talk badly about me behind my back, to my face only. Someone that looks out for me and is by my side even when there are tough times ahead.

    A friend is someone who doesnt lie to me no matter if they think I dont want to hear the truth. A friend is someone who keeps their promises. A friend is a person who I can count on to try and work out our problems, not to ignore them.

    But the most important part of holding a true friendship is to be a great friend in return so all of the above is in consideration that I also do the same for them. It does take two to make a wonderful friendship. Friendship is a two way street, you cant expect someone to be your friend if all you do is take, no matter how badly you want them as a friend.

    I have realised (again) over the past few months who my true friends are, and those who I mistakenly placed my trust and friendship in.

    In life, dont lose the special people you find on your journey. Learn to ignore the sparkle and the fake people...because the people who really matter are the ones who love you.

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