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Thread: LL Ladies - online dating tips for men?

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    In my own experiences (successful, I might add) with online dating, I'm going to parrot everyone else by saying post a photo. More important — just like in any other life situation, on- or off-line — be yourself ! You are your own most valuable asset, and there's no reason under the sun to hide it !

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    Quote Originally Posted by xxSPHYNXxx View Post

    Can you you give us an update please!

    Heya! OK here's an update for you

    I tried the online thing for a couple weeks and found it wasn't my thing. The majority of girls online in my city are pretty shallow. I had a brief email exchange w/ a couple girls but nothing came out of either. I dunno, it's a good way to meet new people for sure but I just found it wasn't my thing. In some ways I found it made me feel kinda sleazy - like it's a "shopping mall" for guys lol. I guess I'm more of a traditional kinda guy (not surprising really as I've been described of old fashioned when it comes to dating heh).

    On that note, I have met a couple of ladies at my weekly volleyball league One I mentioned before in another thread, the one where I mentioned how shy I got around her and all that silly stuff. Well we started talking a couple weeks ago. Found out that she's kinda seeing someone but it wasn't going well at all. Said it's nothing official at all and more of a friendly type thing. Anyhow, this past Wednesday we talked again before the games began and playfully flirted quite a bit when our teams played each other. At one point one of my teammates told me she was checking me out quite a bit during the game Definitely something I was happy to hear. Unfortunately she left before I was finished my last game so I didn't get a chance to talk to her anymore that night.

    A couple weeks ago, a girl on my team (who I met a couple times before through my buddy) asked me out of the blue in between games if I wanted to come out w/ her and her friend (who's on my team too) after the games were done. I figured why not, it'd be fun. I also didn't think much of it because I know she's in a relationship and the figured her friend was also. Well we go out and girl #1 left to go home an hour later leaving me and girl #2 by ourselves lol. We chatted and laughed quite a bit, we just had a great time. Found out she was actually single too but I didn't take it beyond that for the time being. I just took the whole events of the night at face value - good times, good laughs and good people.

    Right now I don't really know where things will end up. I'm just going with the flow.. taking my time and just enjoying things for what they're worth. The league's banquet is in a couple weeks so we'll see where things go. It's funny though... I'm finally feeling like I can make myself happy and I don't think I've ever felt this good and confident.

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    That is a great update. Glad to hear you are getting yourself back out there. Sounds like you have several ladies that are interested in getting to know you a little better.

    Take care,

    "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." -Aristotle

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    This is awesome news! Its good to see your taking your time and enjoying, who knows where it may lead but your in a place now where you are happy and confident again!



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    Thanks Dave and Pam for the kind words

    I'll definitely keep you update as things progress!

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    Zed you seem to be a very eloquent guy, try to be you as much as possible and try to get away of the mindset that you have to "Impress" someone on the very first interaction, your messages should convey that based on what you read (and looked) you are impressed and would like to know more about that person. Make it short, make it worthwhile and unique and make it you. Confidence is something that people (not only women) could smell miles away and that always always helps.

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