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Thread: My Best friend is in love with me... Pt 2...

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    Default My Best friend is in love with me... Pt 2...

    Things have taken a turn for the worst in this situation.

    To recap, about 6 months ago, I broke up with my ex and one of his best friends helped me through a lot of my problems. Unfortunately at that time what I needed was someone close, physically more than emotionally. This translated into a very strong connection between us, for me, it was friendship, for him it was something more. Me, knowing full well that his feelings were very strong for me, decided that honesty was the best route. I continued to tell him, this is staying as friendship. Unfortunately this continued to break his heart every time he put me in the situation to tell him again.

    So for the past six months we've gone through a tug of war but continually we've come back to each other. Me to my best friend, him to...well, the girl he is in love with... Unfortunately a recent attempt at reconciliation with my ex sent my friend over the edge so to speak. He was very upset with me because he knows how hard that break up was. I completely understand that, but he then continued to make me feel guilty about not having feelings for him. He wanted to know why. My response to that was "why is the sky blue." I honestly don't know, but he wouldn't accept that. So I made up an answer for him. I told him he was too immature for me... I know not the brightest of word choices, but I'm so frustrated with this high school drama, he and my ex keep dragging me back into. I can't take it anymore, and unfortunately I'm considering alienating myself from both of them in order to make myself happy. I know that's selfish, but honestly I'm hoping if I just disappear they will both just forget about me. It's hard to let go of my closest guy friend, but I can't take it anymore. I can't keep feeling bad because I don't have those feelings for him, and I can't deal with him bringing it up every time I turn around... AHHHH.

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    If this quesiton does come about from him again why don't you first of all state, he is your good friend for a reason, he is one of your boyfriends best friends and you do NOT cross the line when it comes to your friendships. You cannot create feelings and you believe in honesty.

    Another suggestion, knowing he has these "feelings" for you, it is not a good idea to keep going to him when you have issues/problems with your boyfriend...I had a situation where a guy friend of mine also started to develop feelings for me that I just didnt have for him, it progressed to him getting to the angry stage then a "stalking" stage.. I had to totally cut him out of my life.. I return NO phone calls, text messages, etc....

    You may have to do just that, NC with him at least until those feelings he has for you get back to the "friend" zone!

    I wish you well.


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    In a situation like this, I am going to be simplistic. I thought I had falled in love with a guy who used to be my best friends. I think it's time to take a break from eachother. He stopped speaking with me for many months, and later I realized I just cared a great deal & what I felt was more like he was a brother and I was concerned for him. I was never in-love with him contrary to what I thought at one time.

    Take a longer break then a couple months from this person. I think that is the only solution.

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    i haven't talked to him in a few days... he's tried to get in touch with me... but i feel like it's the best thing... even though i know it's going to hurt him a great deal.

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