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Thread: Divorced people living together...

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    Default Divorced people living together...

    Just saw this featured on yahoo's news page:


    Being divorced and then being "forced" to live together? I don't know how some of these people can do that.

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    I saw that as well about the reccession. UGH!

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    At the end of the day though, it is still economic factors which usually call the shots when it comes to the timing of divorce itself and the state of the housing market has an overbearing influence. When prices are high and home sales are buoyant, either or both partners are more likely to take the plunge in the knowledge that they will each be able to afford another, albeit smaller, property.

    Conversely, if the housing market is depressed and homes are proving difficult to sell, the partner looking to instigate a split may be inclined to procrastinate or, in amicable situations, couples are deciding to co-exist as best they can until conditions improve.

    It sounds a bit crazy huh? Though I've been reading some of the articles on my life after divorce and there's a lot of sound advice on there, including more info on what Yahoo's report is on.

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