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    As I write this tears are flowing down my face, I always imagined Id I was ever to be dumped again it would be easier since I've been through one of the worst things than can happen to you in a relationship, cheated on and left for another.

    But boy was I wrong, it stings like pouring vinegar on a wound. I just sit back and think of everything you told me, how you felt like you waited your whole life to meet someone like me. How it's what you prayed for, for years. How after being cheated on in every relationship, and abuses by your former bf that it was like a dream came through that you found me, and it just tears me up inside why?

    Even when you dumped me you said you still loved me, but I'm sorry actions speak louder than words, if you loved me you would be with me.

    I try to remain calm act like I didn't care when you left did not beg plead like I once would. How long can I keep up this front, I try to remain strong but I seem to crumble like dynomite was set off in me.

    After my ex fianc

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    My friend,..

    I know how hard this is, and to go through it so many times seriously sucks for you. Everything I can think of to say just sounds pathetic or patronsing and I don't want to do that. I remember how bad it was for me, and although I listened to people, nothing comforted me except perhaps this:

    If you were both meant to be together, you will be, but for now you need to focus on you. Let her deal with whatever she needs to deal with, and get yourself to a place of peace once more. Then, and only then, will you see clearly enough to know your next step on the path of your life.

    If you can, try not to let her/her dog/the walks/family etc consume your thoughts, you are torturing yourself buddy, and she has done enough of that to you.

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