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Thread: Hurt really bad

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    Well... I have some stuff to update on that I really want to share with you guys just to let you know what the heck is going on in my life. But yeah, I better get some sleep since I gotta get up early to prepare for that phone interview that I scheduled for 11am so it'll wait but just know that there is some stuff ahead.

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    I'm sorry I missed this whole thing, Jess. Are you ok now?

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    Sorry you are so hurt. I want to say snooping is never good but in this case you had a feeling. Its best you know how things really are and not just how you want them to be. Its best you don't invest anymore time if you know he isn't as into you as you are with him. You needn't tell him that you read it but honestly I think if he put that on myspace or facebook, he didn't really care if you found out. It hurts when someone doesn't return your feelings the way you would like. Don't do anything while your emotions are so raw. Wait and really think what you should do. Follow your inner self. Good luck.

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