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    I can't be your friend, I just said yeah I'll give it a try just to relieve you of your guilt for dumping me. It's to difficult and hard for me, I always say put yourself in the next persons shoe, if you were in my shoes and cared and had strong feelings for someone and were in a relationship with them that they ended would you accept being downgraded just to friendship?

    Exactly, Which is why I can't accept just being friends, I don't want you to feel any guilt or anything you had to do what you have to do and so do I. Furthermore whenever we date again i'm sure the people we date will feel weird knowing that we still communicate with the exes.

    I mean if all you wanted was friendship from me then you should have never told me you had feelings for me, and we would have remained just that friends, but now its impossible to go back to that time.

    I know you say you won't disrespect me etc., but it's just words like how you told me you love me, wanted to be with me etc. and look how quickly that changed. I heard it all before with my ex fiance and I ended up getting major hurt and I'd rather not take that chance again. I know how it goes, I could call you right now and you wouldn't pick up or say you had to go if you did. Or if I said hey I'm bored this weekend i'll come down to your city and just chill, the answer would be nope im busy etc. etc., I know how it goes.

    I'm not dumb, I know one day you will date fall in love flirt with guys etc. again, but do I want to hear that nope, been there down that, what I can't hear, what I can't see, what I can't know can't hurt me.

    Plus I remember everything, I can't be friends with someone who just discarded me like a coffee cup, who was a coward and dumped me through a text instead of having the decency to even talk to me about through the phone, or who knew that I had a important medical procedure and couldn't even ask how did it go or simply say good luck.

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    Do you mind if I add to this later with why I cannot be friends with my ex? LOL.

    I sooo love this. Glad you posted it.

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    Step by step :omgblinky: wow !!! what an amazing and brave letter ,it takes courage to say the least i know what your going through as the other guys on here will show and tell you.

    Chin up and join us on the road to recovery.


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    Yuck..."friend" downgrades make me sick! My ex threw that card at me more than a few times...not happening for some of the very reasons stated in your letter. She's given me NO details on her pregnancy other than sex/due date, when I've asked I get a "fine", won't let me contribute anything, and acts like I don't exist...great "friend" right? I know it's tough but hang in there!

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    Great letter, Step. She dumped you through a text and then threw the "friend" card at you?! Oy vey.

    I hope you feel a bit stronger after writing that. You certainly sounded stronger.
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