Dear T,

I wish that things could go back to the way they were. I miss holding you in my arms. I miss all the special moments we shared together. It's hard to look back on those times and see how much the way we react to each other has changed. The saddest part is that even if you were to read this, you would not share my sentiments.

Do you remember when I caught you giving me the deepest look of love on tape? Do you think that you will ever look at me that way again?

I still have the tape of you laying on my bed and playing with my dog, and it's become so special to me because it's the last video I have of you here, with me. You were so close, and whenever I watch that tape I just wish that I could reach out and hold you. I even get upset when the focus goes to the dog because I wish I had more footage of you.

T, what happened to us? Do you hate me now due to all things I've said to you? Why are you being so cold to me?

I want to be that special girl in your life again. I don't care what it is I have to overcome. Will you please give us another chance?

- C