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    I unintentionally stumbled across all the pictures I thought I had zipped away so I wouldn't have to see them, and going though them came across what was probably the last picture where we were truly happy. So I am going to write you this and go back to that day and read it to you then.


    Well my friend, this is as good as it gets. We are here now and its beautiful out and we are still in love, and having fun. This is nice, and the past two years have been pretty much filled with this. I just want to kiss you and let you know that it will never be this way again. I know that when you read this your face will dangle in shock, and your heart may drop, and you will wonder how this could happen. Well I can't write the history books or I might be tempted to change the outcome. But I can't. And quite honestly you may be shocked to know that it is you that will set the events in motion to end all of this.
    I know it seems like I might be lying to you, but it is true. You will decide to give this up, to find someone you think will fill your needs in a better way than I can. And I certainly hope that he can. True love asks for nothing in return. And so in the next few months I will put it out for you and you will turn it away. So I just want to take this last good and pure moment and thank you for what we have accomplished in this short time together. And that at a certain point I must forgive you. Because that person isn't you. You have been so much better then that.
    But I can no longer be a part of your life. I know you wanted to hold on until it was time for you to let go, but I cannot let you have that choice. I am moving forward. To find happiness. To see the crystal blue waves, on a beach a half a world away. To lay in a field of long grass with someone new and watch the stars dance above our heads. To fall in love again and experience the mystery of it all.
    And our small time together will have faded to a story among thousands in the sands of time. And sometimes I feel sad and want to hold onto that. But it is not ours anymore to keep. It is for faded memories and photographs.
    So this is my letter to you. I will always remember you, even after my feelings have faded to a distant memory. For a short while in time we made each others lives better. 143 for now.


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    Geoff...this is great man really have a talent with putting emotions into words my friend ...the last part was the greatest ....people with broken hearts are the most dangerous people on earth, because they know they will get up again after any kind of hit

    Cheers ! Mike

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