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Thread: Am I overreacting?

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    Thank you do much for taking time to try and help it me. It means a lot that there are people out there who actually care about other people and not just themselves. But back to my topic, I think I may have forgiven him, I know that is strange to say I think but I don't really understand exactly how I feel. I'm not angry with him anymore for what he did but I am still hurt and it hurts even more that someone who I trusted and thought would not hurt me caused all this. I don't think I will ever forget what happened and I'm not sure if that is good or bad.

    He is currently unemployeed because the place he worked at closed. So now we struggle to pay bills and I am searching for a job but honestly I'm glad he isn't working. The girl he was with worked with him so now I am actually scared that if he gets another job it will happen again. I am also scared that if we have another baby it will happen again too because it happened right after out son was born.

    Those feelings make me feel like a child or like I am crazy or something because it's so silly but the feelings are there and i'm not sure how to deal with them. I also feel like if I could just forget it ever happened things would be so perfect, I've heard of people being hypnotized to forget things, I know it's crazy but if it works why not? But if I forget then what if he does it again? And why wouldn't he because I did let him get away with it, didn't I?

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    Hey, Cole!

    You know, the weird thing about "forgiving and forgetting" is that it doesn't ever actually work out that way. We can forgive someone, but how often do we really forget that we've been hurt before? I'm not sure we should forget, either - otherwise, how would we learn or grow?

    I found some links about remaining together after infidelity that I hope might be helpful for you:

    Staying Together After Infidelity - Staying with one who strays

    Dr. - Advice - Moving Forward after Infidelity

    I hope those are a little helpful.
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