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Thread: Dealing with a new feeling? Or phase?

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    Question Dealing with a new feeling? Or phase?

    So, if u have ever read any of my blogs on da NC Challenge then u kno dat I've been doin pretty good..

    BUT lately I've been experiencin dis..anger towards my ex who really doesnt deserve it because she was a great girl even after everythin was out in da open...I jus Idk I'm jus angry..I think I'm angry because she didnt truly mean dat I love u once...or because of dat no matter wat she used to always tell me....y am I angry wit her?...So then I start thinkin dat mayb its cause dis is happenin again...her leavin and God knows when I'll hear from her if ever..because dis has happened b4, some time ago she left for a whole yr, only then I was miserable, now, now I'm doin sooo much better, but still...y dis anger?

    And its crazy and I'm sure u'll all say "O yea everyone thinks dat" but I jus got dis gut feelin dat shes missin me, like gettin dat random "I love u beautiful" every mornin and dat "Good luck at ur game hon" Or those nights when things were rough and she'd talk to me all nite bout wat happened and jus felt comfortable xpressin herself to me & knowin dat I was there to hear her out & actually b payin attention to every word...I mean its jus weird..dis feelin of "knowin" she misses me. But then I try to remind myself dat dats all nonsense & in fact she's probably havin da time of her life, bein free, flirtin w/guys & jus livin her life to da fullest and I get on and shrug it off.....but then it comes up again dis feelin and I hate it cause its sits soo sure at my stomach..........but it cant b so, it jus can't, y would it be? If it were so she would've said somethin by now I'm I kno dis is me most likely bein silly and more like wishful thinkin, but da thing is, its not wishful..its a feeling! Idk how else to xplain dis..I hope u guys get wat I'm sayin yea..dats wats on my mind...well..lurkin at da pit of ma stomach

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    Swimfan...i might sound harsh but there is a clear distinction you must face and admit before moving on with the grieving process...all the memories that pop back and forth in your mind and won't let you settle down with your life, are memories that date back from a period when this girl was talking/reacting/expressing herself to you, thinking you were a must understand that you got back to square one when this illusion broke down to pieces and she changed her viewpoint towards doesn't matter that she still acted friendly with you, post the "truth surfacing" incident, she did that because she saw you under a different light....what you are doing is trying to read between her lines and this "she misses me" impression you got, is your own pure hopefull fabrication...the fact that you still miss her and feel emotionally attached to the way she was before, does in no way mean the feeling is mutual on her side.

    If you really care about her and her well-beeing, you should feel happy she continued her life without severe personality damage, as the type of incident you created can leave serious scars in a young girl's sexuality development at her age

    Cheers, Mike

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